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We create Fresh Flower Arrangements For All Occasions:
Special Events
Sympathy Arrangements
You will not find tons of flower photos here, that can easily be found on other web sites. But, you will find a business that is built on honoring our client's trust. When time allows, we will add more photos of our work. Considering many of our arrangements are custom, we have selected a few arrangements that are representative of our work. Currently, our priority is keeping our customers happy with our work and ensuring that the recipients of our creations--truly feel appreciated.
Plant Arrangements are a great value because they are long-lasting. They also have the added benefit of being air purifiers by cleaning the air in the office or home.  These plant arrangements come with personalized quotes on real rocks. Long after receiving the gift, the recipient will still be inspired by reading the positive quotes!

Available Quotes:  Thank You, You're A Super Hero, You Rock, You Are Irreplaceable, You're the Greatest, World's Best Assistant.  Just let us know which rock quote you would like to be placed inside your plant arrangement.

Custom Personalized Rocks Available:  Order a rock with your assistant's name and combine it with "Thank You".  For example:  "Thank You" on one rock and "Connie" on the other rock--combined, it will read:  "Thank You" "Connie"
Personalized Rocks must be ordered two days in advance of delivery.

Call to inquire which rock quotations are available.
We are still taking on-line orders. Please call:

(626) 506-8014

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It's time to show your staff how much they're appreciated!

 Thank your staff for all the hard work they put into running the office smoothly. Flowers, plants or candles are special treats that will make your staff feel appreciated!

If you missed sending flowers on Wednesday---don't worry. You still have time to show your appreciation!

Personalized Cards Available
This is the finishing touch to ensure that your administrative assistants feel appreciated. Personalized cards send the message that you cared enough to add that extra touch. These cards are carefully hand-crafted and have all the little details that show thoughtfulness. Yes, the beauty is in the details.


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Photo of Passionate Florist Flowers
Photo of Passionate Florist Flowers
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Gift Wrapping Services Available
1. Sunny Lilies and Roses
3. Rambling Roses
2. Modern Calla Lilies 
4. Rose Spark
5. Design Beauty
7. Happy Sunflowers
6. Bursting Yellow Roses
9. It's Blooming Lilies
We believe that "Presentation is Everything!"  The Passionate Florist specialty is making everything look beautiful! Call us for the details.
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5. It's Blooming Lilies
5. It's all about Lilies
Passionate Florist
Passionate Florist
Passionate Florist