"I have used the Passionate Florist services on multiple occasions; Mother's Day, Thanksgiving and Birthdays. I have always been pleased with the creations by the Passionate Florist. The most remembered items I have ordered are a Centerpiece for Thanksgiving and a specially designed Tea Set. The flowers are always fresh and fragrant."
Fred Williams

"She loved her gift.  She was so impressed with it.  Thank you, Passionate Florist!"
Ramon Reilly

"Passionate Florist, rescued me in an emergency situation.  I had waited til the last minute to get flowers for my mother, and I needed something original. I knew Helena's speciality was creating thoughtful gifts and she came through. Words cannot describe the love my mother felt when she received her carefully designed floral arrangements and gifts.   Thank You Passionate Florist! Your the "go to" florist when it comes to personalized work."
Mike Lundy 

"You did it again! You made me look good. I've given up telling you what to do, it's much better when I allow you to create. Keep up the good work."
Dennis Lazery

"Thank you, she loved it!!! I'll be telling my friends about the Passionate Florist!..
Jesse Zamora, 

"I know I can always count on the Passionate Florist to create something personalized, beautiful and unique."
Acela Merchant

"You turned something ordinary into something extrodinary! "
Anita Ondoy

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